What is better then sitting on the back porch on a nice summer evening sipping lemonade? How about doing that while helping a great cause. I stole this blog entry from Michael, Kaylee's dad. As most of you know, Kaylee is my honored patient for Team In Training.

On June 6th & 7th there will be an event that I invite everyone to attend. It is Alex's Lemonade Stand which will be at all Hy-Vee stores in Kansas City. The money raised will help with cancer research and will help fund a cure. The organization is led in Kansas City by Mark and Cheryl Mozier. Their son was diagnosed with a tumor years ago and has since recovered. The time and effort they have spent putting Alex's stands in KC has been great. They are the sort of people I strive to be like. They make a difference in life and I think there is a part of all of us who want to do the same. They are doctors and professionals but make time to give back in a huge way.
My hat is off to the Moziers and I raise a glass to their hard work. I encourage everyone to do the same. Please stop by one of the stands and make a donation to a great cause. The funds raised will help find a cure to a disease that can hit families of any race, religion, or social status. Lets help put an end to this suffering, and help the Moziers with their fight against cancer! Cheers.

Thanks Michael for letting me steal your blog entry. And Great News...Kaylee is in maintenance phase and seems to be doing very very well. She's going to the gym and working on strengthening her body. Keep up the good work girl! We're cheering you on!

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  1. Wow, what a great uplifting story for Kaylee.

    The human spirit is amazing! Go Kaylee!!!