Hell Hell Hell...I mean Hail Hail Hail

The night before last our area had a bad storm and my baby ended up with hail damage on her noggin (her hood). She has almost 116,000 miles on her and I still love her as much today as when I first laid eyes on her. She has been the best car ever. I'm going to have it inspected to see how much dough they will fork over to me instead of getting it fixed at the body shop (since it's paid off (whoo hoo!) and I can do that!) and I may take the money and run. Hopefully the dents will work themselves out this summer in the sun.

And this is for you Lily. Mmm...This is a chocolate long john. They can come cream filled with different filling if you like-but I don't get cream filling in mine. I'm sure you have these...just call them something different.

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  1. Thanks Kim, yes we have them too, but they are called chocolate eclairs...yummy, okay now I'm hungry....LOL