Is it Winter Again?

Holy Hell...I know that's where I'm headed if I keep saying that-but good God, what is with this weather? When I left home for work this morning it was 70 degrees-went out for lunch and it was 52, windy and cold. Hmmph...

Running: Last night was our TNR...I had run earlier in the day so I just went for the burger, fries and friends. And then after stuffing ourselves silly we headed to Cold Stone Creamery for a fundraiser a fellow Team In Training participant was having. You can't pass up a fundraiser like that. I was even so kind as to get the next size up in my ice cream so she could get more money from it. Now...how kind am I??

As for this weekend, I had planned on running 8 tomorrow with my team who is doing their 20 miler for the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon and then running 4 on Sunday for the Trolley Run but my Coach just informed me that I didn't need to since we're tapering for the Colorado Marathon next week so it looks like an easy downhill 4 mile run for me this weekend. I can handle that. Love you Coach! Wink. Wink.

Life: I'm rich. I'm rich. Not really so don't come knocking on my door for a handout...but...I got my estimate on my car for the hell (I mean hail) damage and took the money and ran! Now JB is just showing some character.

To a great weekend, warmer weather??? and fun run Sunday.


  1. hey kim- i just found your blog and after looking at your list of "2008 advenures" i'm exhausted! you're a machine, girl. good luck with your upcoming events!

  2. Hey Kim, you live to run girlfriend! All your races have such meaning, you are totally dedicated to helping others...

    I need to tap some of your energy...I'll be thinking of you on your marathon....I'm running
    32K that Sunday, I'll be channeling your energy!

    You have wonderful spirit!!


  3. Kim... the extra ice cream - yes very, very generous of you! See you Sunday:)

  4. Yes-I run so I can eat ice cream and chocolate! And if I can help a cause by doing so-why not!