Marathon Medal Display

First things first...had another fabulous run this morning. Whoot! Whoot! It was in the 40's with heavy mist. Pretty perfect. You could smell the trees and it was peaceful. I had another stellar run. Long story short...it's amazing what consistent training will do for a girl and her running.

Now...on to the real reason for this post...
Doug has been hard at work refinishing our basement. He worked himself around to his old medal display. It was an area we had a large map of the United States where Doug would 'pin' each location he ran a marathon. Under the map was somewhat of a ballerina bar where he would slide his medals onto and have them hang from the bar. 
We knew we wanted to change that up, but what do you do with over 90 MARATHON medals and 1 IRONMAN medal? With more forthcoming...
Below is what we decided. And this is only 50ish of them. We're still deciding on how to display the others.

 Curious to know what is inside the jail door?
Our wine cellar that Doug created.
How did I get so lucky?


  1. you have an awesome house. a jail door?!? that's too cool. love the medal display and sounds like the previous design was cool too!

  2. Why did 'Silence of the Lambs' come to mind????????? HA

  3. This is incredible!!! So when we buy a house we'll fly you guys out for wine drinking/storing!?