A Love for Kansas City Beer and Chocolate

Kansas City had an extravaganza a couple of weeks ago.
The Boulevard Chocolate Ale craze.
It's a collaboration with one of the best beer makers in the country, Boulevard Brewery, and the best chocolate artisan ever, Christopher Elbow Chocolates, both made locally here in Kansas City.
This is the second year the two combined forces to make the tastiest chocolate beer of all time. Last year they sold out in less than a week. This year, the bottles were sold out in one day. And this is with producing over double what they did last year. Lucky for us, we were put on a list so I was able to scavenge two bottles.
The liquid gold...

People were waiting in lines around the buildings of the liquor stores at 8 and 9 in the morning. Stores were giving out tickets and officially were selling out even before they opened.

Some of the local bars around town had it on tap, so we decided to partake of their beer and hoard ours.

Day two...still on tap...an excuse to go out for dinner.
Oh...and have another Chocolate Ale...or two.

Day three...we decided to stay home and cook out. In January. It was 61 degrees out at 6pm. So beautiful. We grilled steaks and was going to break out a bottle. Until we gnawed into them and they were icky. So the dogs ended up with steak. We ate cereal and decided to save the Chocolate Ale for another day.
Day four...a couple of the bars were getting another shipment in so we decided to head up to grab another glass. By the time we arrived at 5:30pm they were already tapped out. Boo.
I thought the chaos was finally coming to an end...

 Until a friend put his bottles up for a fundraiser last night.
Whoot! We scored another bottle!
What can we say? It was for a good cause. And it will go to good use.


  1. Saw a friend had posted a photo of it on instagram, on tap here in Omaha during Beer Week. I was in Chicago though so I missed out :( Until next year!

  2. That sounds like Yumminess x10! So glad you're giving to charity ;-)

  3. Okay, you are in short sleeved shirts...I'm so jealous! Okay, now about the frozen steaks, seriously you gave them to the dogs? LOL...