Let's Talk...Butt Crack Rash

One of the most common searches that hit my blog from the Internet is a post I wrote with the words 'butt crack rash'. For some reason or another, I can't find it in my blog anymore. But anywho..it was simply about having a rash after a marathon I ran.

In the previous blog I simply touched the surface (ewww...) on the subject and didn't go into too much detail as to why I had it. I thought I would clarify since there were so many hits on this subject...

Now...before some of you get too excited...this is butt crack rash pertaining to running and the rash you obtain from the friction of your booty. This is not for great insight into symptoms or treatment for other reasons to have butt crack rash pertaining to STD's or other undesirables. But...if you are needing information on that subject, I know just the person to get you in touch with. Her name is...That calls for a real ewww...Be careful out there.

Now for running butt crack rash...

It is a rash you obtain from the friction of clothes against the body. This is due to the repeated back and forth motion on your skin for a long distance over a sustained period of time on skin that is not used to that type of friction. Depending on what your body is used to, rash can occur at any distance your body is not accustomed to. It can also take place if you have some new garment against the body that again, your body is not familiar with.

To help alleviate this, I use Vaseline or Body Glide in this particular area to cut down on the friction. Again, for those lubing up in this area for any other reason besides running...this is not your blog. Snicker...Snicker. But for running long distances...this works. I also Vaseline my feet/toes and around the bra line area. This will really help from becoming chafed in these areas on your run.

However...be sure not to glob on too much. I once mentored a girl who told a story of such:
I ran my 18 miles on the trails. After my run, I went to the grocery store in my running clothes to pick up a few things. As I stood in line at the checkout stand, I had a lady lean over and whisper to me as she was pointing to the back of my pants. She proceeded to tell me that I 'may have an issue'. I'm sure she was thinking maybe I had started my period. As I was getting ready to tell her, 'no...it's from the Vaseline I slapped on my ass (for running this morning)'  I decided against it and thought it would be better for her to think I had started my period instead of lubing my butt with Vaseline before 10 am on a Saturday morning!

Honestly...this story isn't mine. But it cracks me up every time I think about her telling the story. Lesson learned. Don't glob too much or it will soak through your clothing

So...there you have it.
Got butt crack rash (from running)?


  1. You are sure to get new blog hits with this one!

  2. Yeah, my friend told me this story...................

  3. Thank you! This helped alot, and now I can run again :)

  4. Thank you very much. I started jogging a few weeks ago and I was making some good progress. My ass was even getting into a nice shape and BAM! what's that ugly rash!?!? Vaseline, here I come!

    1. Ha ha! Found this too...called "monkey butt"! No idea if this anti-monkey butt works, but the commercial is funny. I'll still try Vaseline 1st.

  5. I sincerely wish I had read this *before* running 20 miles this morning. Owwww.

  6. Thank you for your en site on this matter. I am a walker but with the heat and my 325 Lb body this will help me back on the walk again. :)

  7. Do you have any info on butt rashes from sex?? I need help quick!

  8. Dude, if you still check this blog, thank you. Saved my ass. Pun intended.