I Don't Know...

I don't know what beach this is...
I don't know what day this is...
I don't know if I've packed enough clothes to wear...
And I don't care.

The words I'll be singing later this week as Doug and I head to...the Bahamas!

The Kansas weather has been outstanding thus far this year and we've been very fortunate. However, I'll be happy to trade the barren trees, brown grass and dry itchy skin for some sand between my toes, palm trees and the taste of salt water on my tongue from the ocean breeze.

We signed up for the marathon months ago, thinking that would kick start my running. Why, oh why, don't I learn my lesson? It didn't work. Days...weeks...months came and went. And...nothing. So...I'm going to run to the half.

I don't know how...And I don't care!

Here's to sun...sand...surf...and running


  1. Ooh. What an excellent marathon. Good luck! Enjoy your trip to paradise! I don't care how much people claim to love their local US weather - you really can't beat a tropical beach. Ok maybe except for a hurricane.

  2. Half marathon or no half marathon, sounds like a great escape :)

  3. It's better in the Bahamas! We stayed st breezes and Atlantis and lived it. I'm excited to hear how in love with running you are once you finish 13.1!!!

  4. Don't worry, be happy! LOL, you'll be in the Bahamas......