Tuesday Night Run

Even though it's almost been a week ago, I wanted to post about our Tuesday Night Run we hosted from our house. It was the perfect evening...sunny skies, in the low 70's and great friends. I think it was the only day of the week we didn't receive rain.

RunToFinish, Doug, Jenny, KC Stine and Stephanie all joined in on the fun. It was our first time meeting KC Stine even though he lives only a stones throw away from us.

The run was fun for all and afterwards most of us met up the street for some dinner. What a great way to get together with friends!


  1. hello sweaty people...maybe we should do pictures before the run...and we need you in the picture!!

    how was lincoln?

  2. how fun! i can't wait for 70-degree weather! :)

  3. group runs are so much fun. a couple summers ago we had a good sized group out running at 5:30am, all reminiscing about high school cross country days. i'm jealous!