We've Only Just Begun

And we're having the best time ever!

This morning, Doug headed off to his coach's meeting and Karen and I took off for the Golden Gate Bridge for a run. We ran across the GGB and then turned around and ran back. It's around 3 miles round trip.

We headed out pretty early and I knew it was going to be foggy as it seems to always be early in the morning. We really couldn't see too far ahead of us as we were in a huge fog (not from the fog of our wine reception we attended last night). I'm taking the real stuff here. You could see the fog and the mist in the air as the wind was blowing it. It was such an awesome experience. We stopped. We looked. We took pictures. We awed and oohed.

On the way back you could literally watch the fog lift. You could watch the fog unveil Alcatraz from afar. You could see the GGB uncover itself from the fog. It was a gorgeous site to see.

After our run, we headed to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Latte. Perfect for a morning with a chill in the air and a cool breeze blowing.

Now, Karen and her mom are headed off for a tour. Doug is headed off for a long run. And I'm going to get around, finish off my latte, meander down to Fisherman's Wharf for a bit while everyone is off doing their thing.

Later after everyone gets back in, we're headed off to Ghirardelli Square for some chocolate and some super duper sundaes. Then our pasta party. Next will be to bed for an early early start to Sunday morning and marathon day!

We took some fantastic pictures so far, but I think we forgot to bring the adapter for the computer to load them. You'll just have to wait til we get back.

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