Leaving on a Jet Plane

Yesterday's plane ride was an interesting experience. First, we get there 30 minutes before the plane takes off. How we got so far off track I'm not sure, but we did. So...as we check in, the bells and whistles alarm the rep we're late. Well...good times. She tells us she can't guarantee our bags to arrive with us when land in San Francisco. That's fine.

So we board. Karen, Doug and I are literally the last 3 on the plane. I find a seat. A middle seat of course. In between an 8 year old and an older man dressed in a suit and tie.

We're ready to take off an the pilot comes out to let us know maintenance needs to come on board and check something out. Grumbles. Cuz you never know if it's going to be a 2 minute fix or a 5 hour wait on the plane. Luckily for us, it was a five minute fix. In the meantime, Doug finds the flight attendant to let her know there were a bunch of us from TNT flying out and to see if she would wish his team luck. She says sure-and then hands Doug the phone to make the announcement himself. It was so funny to see Doug with the flight attendant's phone making an announcement. And of course, he gets a great applause after.

Steven (the 8 year old) and I become friends pretty early on. He is behaving very well and we're talkin' it up. He gets out his Leapster (too cool) and plugs in a School House Rock cartridge (even cooler). He is singing away to some of the songs. Many I hadn't heard before (or don't remember) and the an oldie but goodie, I'm Just a Bill. I love I'm Just a Bill on Capitol Hill. We listen to the different songs over and over.

After I got Steven occupied, the guy on the other side of me and I started chit chatting. He had run several marathons so we had a lot to talk about. As we were in conversation the flight attendant asked him if he was headed back home today. I found that a bit odd as he was coming from Baltimore, heading to San Fran, was going to eat lunch and then turn around and head back. He told me he was a courier. A courier for what? A courier for the Federal Reserve Bank. He was dropping off money. I mean MONEY. Lots.Of.Money. 190ish MILLION dollars fresh from the Fed Reserve.

Then the flight attendant calls one of our team members up to the front. She walks up and the flight attendant announces it is her birthday. She presents her with a birthday cake. Make of toilet paper rolls. Puts a crown on her. Made of peanuts. Throws a sash on her. Again...peanuts. She tells us to all turn on our lights for the ambiance of birthday candles. Then we all sing happy birthday to her. It was too fun. I took some fun pictures. I'll have to post them when we get back home.

Thennn...she gives all of us TNT'ers a free drink coupon. Bloody Mary. You are mine.

This was the best flight crew ever. They were all enjoying their job. You could tell. They were fun, smiling and happy. It was nice to see.

She even led all of us in plane exercises. It was a hoot!! What a great flight.

When we got to baggage claim, only one of our bags made it. One didn't. But we just had them deliver it to the hotel. It came in at 3 am this morning. Now we have clothes. Good thing, otherwise it would have been a free for all shopping spree today.

Alright...off to Fisherman's Wharf for a nice walk.


  1. Hey there...what is TNT? Sounds like your trip is going great!

  2. Team In Training. It's a group that fundraises for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

  3. Oh no! I forgot that you are running the Nike marathon. Best of luck, I can't wait for pics and a race report. -Also pumpkin lattes....mmmmmmmmmmmhh!

  4. Sounds like a hoot, reminds me of my "flight attendat" days!!

    Glad you had some normal people to chat it up with...hey is Mr. Money still running??

    Good Luck to all of you racing!!!