A Shirt That Races

Check out A Shirt That Races and get in on the fun!

Shirt That Races Official Guidelines:
Shirt must be worn in an official race [i.e. 5-k, 10-k, marathon].
Picture must be taken with the official race bib pinned on the Shirt That Races.
Shirt can be worn by any participating female or male [if they dare].
Shirt must be washed before mailing to the next runner.
Runner must create a race report including a picture of their race in the Shirt That Races.
Shirt That Races must run in every state, including Canada.
Race info must be recorded permanently on the Shirt That Races. [use fabric ink/marker, permanent marker, etc.]
You are responsible for mailing it to the next participating runner for their scheduled race.
Runner must be COOL and have FUN!!
Let NikeMom know if your IN and your race date so we can make a calendar of success. Spread the word and let's hit all 50 states and more!! Run on.


  1. did you get it?????

    Wow, I know that Vickie wore it last weekend!!!