Our Weekend...In Pictures

On the flight out, a current TNT member was having a birthday. The flight attendants worked and worked and worked on celebrating it right. They made her a crown, a sash and a birthday cake. We sang happy birthday. Turned on all our lights. And had a party. What a hoot!

After we got into San Francisco, it was time for lunch so we stopped off for some good eatin'.
Then it was off to packet pickup. And then a stop to Niketown for some fun shopping. On the outside window of Niketown, they had the names of EVERY participant in the race. Here I am baby.
Saturday morning, Karen and I got up and ran the Golden Gate bridge. What an experience. It was so exciting. Something everyone should do. It was foggy which made it even more fun. Here's a picture of the bridge while we're on it.

Here I am with some wild hair! When we got to the center of the bridge, it was windy!

When we got back from our run, this is what you could see of the bridge. On our way out you could hardly see any of it.
Later that day, we headed down to Ghirardelli Square for some chocolate, wine and cupcakes! We stopped off in a wine tasting store and Doug took this awesome picture.
Then off to the pasta party the night before the race.
Then it was off to bed for the 3:00 am race day wake up call. Here are a few of us before we headed out to the start.

Don't have many race pics as we took Karen's camera. I'll post race pics when I get them from her. After the race, we came back, got cleaned up and then went to eat at Boudin Bakery. Mmm...clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. To die for after a long, cool run.

After dinner, Karen and her mom retired for the evening. Doug came back from the victory party and we grabbed a couple bottles of wine and took them downstairs to the lobby. We met up with several groups coming and going, but we had one constant friend with us. Adrienne. Who would have thunk! She was a goose. We sat downstairs for hours drinking wine and chit chatting about a lot of things. Then...here comes this man. He had to be Russian. I swear he was trying to buy a couple of women he was with. It was just too odd. They were all mesmerized by him and there was another man talking with him. It was like a dream. He got up and danced at one point and the three of us busted a gut watching. Then it was off to In and Out Burger for a late late night burger and fries. Good times.

Monday morning we got up and had breakfast back at Boudin's. So yummy. Then off to Kara's Cupcakes for more cupcakes! These babies are to DIE FOR!

Doug and Me.
And Karen and I with our new Tiffany necklaces!


  1. Looks like everyone had way too much fun...I love the picture of you on the bridge. Looks like you're hanging on for dear life!

    Maybe next year! I'm all about the Bling!!!

  2. Great pics! You guys did a great job when it came to food and beverages! I'm a little jealous, honestly. ;)