Trail Zombie's Flatrock's Race Report

Check out Trail Zombie's race report of Flatrocks 50K. He has some beautiful pictures of the trail. Double click on the pictures for a better view. You will get a clearer understanding of how rocky it really is. It wears me out just looking at them again.

I've just let Doug know if he wants to go back next year, I would pick up the costs. He likes that idea. It honestly makes me a little nervous. But...with the lessons I've learned and some of the things we've talked out and know we need to do different next time, I think it's doable.


  1. Heck yeah! I'm so excited that you're already thinking about next year, you guys will nail that course next time!


  2. Yes! I know you will have it easily next year.. and this means you will HAVE to come train with us on trails!

  3. hey, your almost in my neighborhood. :D

    I am intrigued by the advernture 50K over the full marathon. I'll have to check it out. If you know of any in the area, let me know.


  4. Great pictures, it looks like my kind of race!! Looks tough to actually run.

  5. You're amazing. It never fails that shortly after getting an ass whupping on a trail, the monster of revenge comes a visiting. I say, do the training, and kick this trail hard next year. You can do it!