Honored Patient and Friend...Leesa's Update

I received awesome news tonight from Leesa...

I had blood and bone marrow samples tested last week. Although I knew Friday that my blood work came back cancer-free, I was waiting for the bone marrow tests to come back before I got really excited and shared the news. I found out today that my bone marrow came back clean as well. At this moment I am cancer-free!!!

**Insert cartwheels and happy dances here**

I go back Oct. 11 for follow-up tests. I’ve stopped taking the chemo pill and have entered what’s called a ‘watchful waiting’ period. As long as my blood work stays looking like it is now, I’ll get to use the word remission by year’s end!!

And she'll be back to training on Saturday!
You Go Girl!
Luvs and Hugs!


  1. Great news and back to training, wow!

  2. YAY!!! What awesome news!! I'm so very happy for your friend!