The Rest of the Weekend

Besides running a marathon this weekend, Doug and I did a few other things. Friday morning, I was thinking it was going to be a nice and quiet weekend. By Friday afternoon, all plans had changed.

Friday Night
We went out and marked the course for Saturday's run. I wasn't going to run as I was running a marathon on Monday.

Saturday Morning
I then was going to run 4 but was having such a fun time running with Karen, I ended up running 6.75 miles.

Saturday Afternoon
Yeah...hadn't planned this for the weekend either, but after my run I went home and started picking grapes. And picking grapes. And picking grapes. I picked almost 14 gallons. That is 14 GALLONS from our backyard. Then after picking 14 gallons of grapes I got to de-stem 14 gallons of grapes. I sat in the backyard in the shade with a slight breeze and picked away. For hours. Then Doug took the grapes and mashed and smashed them with his new little contraption. I didn't realize it was so much work. We ended up with around 2.5 gallons of juice after mashing them. Not bad. So now it's in the process of becoming our very first batch of Real Homemade Wine! I can't wait to try it. In about a year.

Doug makes his own wine already but it's from a kit. This will be Our Grapes from Our Backyard made into Our Wine. Fun!

Saturday Evening
We were invited to the neighbors for smoked cheese and wine. They smoke their cheese on the smoker outside and it is so delish. Hot, smoky and very tasty. We had that along with wine and Sangria. It was such a nice evening outside on the deck. And refreshing after picking grapes all day.

We headed down to Columbia Sunday afternoon and the rest of the weekend you already know...marathoning. After we finished the marathon we hit the pool for a cold dip, then headed back home where we spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

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