Fessing Up to a Not So Normal Self Inflicted Injury

Usually tonight is our TNR. Well it still is-I just won't be going. I had planned on running tonight until I remembered I had a Fundraising Seminar to attend tonight with my newbies.

Then tomorrow night is our Parrot Plunge Fundraiser at an indoor water park here in Kansas City. It should be a fun time. People bought these parrots (rubber ones-not the real ones) that are going to be 'released' from the top of a huge slide into the pool. We will then have Coach Doug in the pool picking out parrots for prizes. If he picks yours-you win! It's going to be a hoot. I'll be sure to take the camera!

I'll just wait until Saturday to do some short mileage. It won't hurt me to rest until then. This marathon I just ran beat me up just a tad. I am losing (still not gone yet) a toenail and had a couple of small blisters on one foot. And then I'm recovering from:
GU Pack Boob Rash

Ever have it before? I didn't want to carry my Hammergel/GU packets so...I had a great idea! I would put them in my sports bra. Now...hands free. It worked very well. It didn't bother me at all. Until the sports bra came off and I jumped in the shower. YOWSER! Had some major chafing and raw skin from the GU packs digging into my skin for almost 6 hours.

So now it's itchy and I have to be careful to itch cuz people either look at you funny or with 'hungry eyes' when you're scratching in between your boobs!


  1. You are cracking me up here! I've NEVER stuck anything in my running bra (there's no room, not that I'm bragging).

    That rash is going to look lovely in your bathing suit! Oh, take tons of picks of the parrots (not your rash) LMAO!!

    Have fun, I'll be thinking of you...

  2. Your post made me cringe. You just never know until post race what abrasions you have until you step into the shower. I have yelped many a time. Gu-boob rash, ouch!! Totally something I would do too!