Allowing Life to Get in the Way

It's been a week since I've laced up my running shoes. Life seems to be crazy busy right now. If we're not running off somewhere after work-all I want to do once I get home is crash. However, after a couple days of crashing seems to only lead to more days of more crashing. And then sometimes I only become more tired and sluggish when I'm not working out. Mind you, I just did run a marathon a week ago today and should probably be doing some resting...however, I just feel uggg when I don't work out and the longer I go the more uggg I feel.

So I need to find some energy to tie those puppies up and get out the door. I have my first 50K in a couple weeks and have a long fall/winter running season ahead of me. I know once I get my butt out the door things will get back on track. My question is WHY WHY WHY is it so hard to get back on track? Especially when you KNOW it is going to make you feel better.


  1. girlfriend, I went through exactly that last week, you couldn't get me out to run for love nor money. I spent Saturday afternoon on the couch watching old movies and then told my self ENOUGH!

    You are tired and maybe need one afternoon vegging out...give yourself that, curl up with Doug & Mols, one day of rest. Then you'll feel 100% better...give yourself 1 day...


  2. You deserve a break! Last week was rough, first week of September.
    Take it easy, your body will let you know when its time. 50k... SO EXCITING!!

  3. Take a break, the miles that you have put in will be there for you. I'll bet you'll be running that 50k with deer legs if you do!