Stop Light Runners

What kind of stop light runner are you:

  1. One that takes advantage of the red light by stopping, bending over, gasping for air until the light turns green and praying for the light to stay red, or

  2. One that while waiting for the light to turn green bounces around, does high knees and then more bouncing up and down, up and down?

I'm number 1, no doubt! I really think number 2 looks funny and wastes too much engery!


  1. I made myself promise to never be #2. Are you kidding me? #1 all the way, except I'm thinking of adding the "stick out my thumb and hope someone says 'hop in'".

  2. Stop light, those are for cars! With the group I run with, if you stop at the light you'd better be willing to catch up..........

  3. How about #3?
    3 is the one who doesn't have the patience to wait and darts out into heavy traffic. I would definitely be a 3!

  4. #1, for sure!!!

    Group run, I make everyone stop if the light is amber. We are not ellite, we don't need to challenge the speed of a car!

    Espeically the Kansas drivers...Yikes they sound scarey!

  5. Alright, I'm guilty of being number 2 most of the time... but I do have the #1 mornings. The problem is, in my neighborhood if you're standing on a street corner you might get propositioned, so if I'm bouncing around and stretching I don't look like my local prostitutes!

  6. Oh and Kim I tagged you... please see my blog for details!

  7. Alright SHR...I'll give you a bye. You have a good excuse! You just TOTALLY cracked me up!!

    Tagged?? This is my first blog tag. How fun!