What I've Done and What's to Come

Last night after taking my last final for the semister, I came home and decided to immediately head out for a run before starting my last homework assignment (for another class) for the semister. I was afraid it was going to rain and I really wanted to get in a run. I laced up my trail shoes (yea!-found a missing sock) and headed out on the new trail (pre-pavement). Right at mile 1, I hit the (real) trails into Ernie Miller Park. I ran them for a mile and then headed back to finish up my three miles.

Meandering thoughts on my run:
Everything is way pretty greeeennnn.
I love the smell of honeysuckle. Had to stop to smell some. Isn't that what life is all about?
Deer at Ernie Miller are not as 'tame' as they are at Shawnee Mission. They are a bit skittish.
The sprinkles felt great.
Ernie Miller is rocky, rooty and hilly.
What a great feeling to be the ONLY one on the trail for 3 miles-didn't see a soul.
I bet I look like a real dork to others as I wear black socks with my shorts and trail shoes. However, if you've done any trail running-you know it's a must.
When not running on a hard paved surface-it really kicks your butt when you're not used to it. A twist to 'regular' running. I LOVE IT! Luckily-no twists of the ankles tonight.
I probably should have put on mosquito /tick repellent.

So...this week...what I've done and what's to come...
Saturday: 8 Miler
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 Mile Trail Run
Wednesday: May get together with a group out at Shawnee Mission Park-may hit the trails again and then BBQ-should be fun. Probably a 4 Miler
Thursday: Weight Training Class/Thursday Night Run-3 Miler
Friday: Can I make it to Pilates?
Saturday: 8 Miler

After last night, I have almost hit the total mileage I ran in April.


  1. You are one active lady! I don't think anyone can accuse you of being lazy. Glad you are enjoying the new trails. Your run sounded so peaceful! Happy Trails to you!

  2. Sounds wonderful Kim,

    wish we were closer so we could run a trail or two together!

    Nice tip on the socks BTW....

  3. I just love having the trails all to myself too, I'm really jealous of your new trail being so close by. I'm a big ol' dork in my black socks too, the white ones I've run trails in are now a mud colour and there's not enough bleach on the earth to get them white again.

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