What? It's Thursday?

Not sure where the week has gone. Don't feel like I've done much thus far but I guess I can fall back on the excuse of rest and recovery? Gotta love excuses! Gag me with a pitchfork!

Sunday: 26.2 miles
Monday: Got back from CO/Walked the dog-does that count for something?
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Walked the dog-still doesn't count? Fine...Weight Training Class (my legs were screaming to stop-but I won out) and tonight is our Thursday Night Run
Friday: Not sure what I have in store. I would like to hit Pilates class.
Saturday: 6 or 8 miles (in taper mode til my half in WY and marathon in CA)

So all in all...not too shabby for the week post marathon.


  1. I love how you casually have "26.2" as your Sunday activity. Kind of like "what did you do this weekend?" "Me, oh washed the car, took the kids to the park, scaled Mount Everest, folded the laundry, mowed the lawn, you know, nothing much really."

    ps-I'm just jealous you can list 26.2 as a "to do" item for the week.

  2. Yeah, just 26.2 miles and walking the dog! Just a normal week for you, ha.