Alrighty Then!

Awww man...if I thought the altitude at Ft. Collins (at the start of 6108 ft) was bad, I'm in for a world of hurt in a couple weeks when we head to Wyoming. Looks like the start is at 8723 ft!

For this little gem-since I'm only doing the half-we get to head down then up-turn around-back down and then back up-as this is not a point to point race. Doug on the other hand is running the full. Know that I'll be waiting for you at the finish line honey!

This is going to be fun-if I don't need an oxygen tank! 100% of the half marathon is on trails (77% of the full marathon is on trails). Which brings me to the question of-do I bring my trail running shoes or my regular running shoes? I don't think these trails are anything like what we're used to running out here. I think they are mostly dirt roads. I'll bring both and then decide after speaking to others or checking out the course.

We have to provide our own water bottles (already have our hand held Nathan's) as they will not allow cups on the course. We will fill our water bottles from 5 gallon jugs at the rest stops that are 4 miles apart. Kinda like hiking-pack out what you pack in. You will be disqualified if you are caught throwing down your GU packets. Makes sense-after all we will be in a National Forest. Just hope those empty GU packets don't slow me down!

It looks like last year they had 27 participants for the Double Marathon, 65 for the Marathon and 57 for the Half Marathon. This should be a fun, tiny race. It'll be a little different the next weekend when we head to San Diego for the RNR Marathon-I'm expecting a few more participants there.

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