Gotta Lotta Nuthin'

Been up to a whole lotta nuthin' lately.
I'm trying to let this darn tendon heal in my ankle.
It's an overuse injury from the back half of last year.
Hence, only being able to run (okay...get through) half marathons in Bermuda and Miami this past January.

This year I wanted to focus on really training, but thus far, haven't done any training to speak of.
I have been on the bike, but even then, I'm able to feel my tendon.
I've practiced some yoga. And wonder why I ever get away from it.
Finally took my butt to the chiropractor, so hopefully he's aligned me to help this ankle heal easier and faster.

We just signed up for the Coeur d' Alene Marathon for the end of May. It's supposed to be absolutely beautiful. Now I just need to get healthy to get out and start running and biking.

Here's to some healthy healing and training to come, then hopefully, a Whole Lotta Sumthin'!


  1. Ooh, I'm excited to hear about Coeur d'Alene! I've been eyeing the ironman there for 2011...

    Sending healing vibes for that pesky tendon!

  2. hope your ankle starts feeling better asap! cda seems like a beautiful place - i've never been but seen lots of pics. enjoy the downtime, but do heal quickly.

  3. I love it, I'm hurt but I signed up for a marathon?? You are crazy!!!! Get well.

  4. Maybe a little recoup time is what you need? Then you might come back with a whole new zest for it

  5. Or maybe you need more sunshine... Florida is nice for that :)

  6. I sorta have to agree with Ken. Whatever your decision I know it will be the right one, just get better okay?!?

  7. I've been dealing with foot injuries the last 3 months. Finally cleared up and my heel started acting up the other day!! I hate injuries! I have a half marathon to run at the end of April and haven't gotten any serious running in since the start of November. I feel your pain! Hope your back and running soon!