Horseshoe Bay Beach our first morning. We went early to watch the sun rise. In the pitch black, we're experiencing a romantic moment when we start hearing what sounds like a bunch of girls screaming. Several more...and then several more. Once the dark of night lifts, we can see dark images in the water. It was the Regime (the new recruits) that were hitting the water to run from one end of the bay to the next. After we realized it was a bunch of men, and military at that, we couldn't do anything but laugh.

The color of the water here is breathtaking. The color starts clear, turns to an ice blue, turquoise and then navy. The water is so clear, you can see for what seems like forever. It reminds me of the water in Cozumel. I have never seen water so amazing.

Me...being a dork. Can you imagine?
This is from the hotel beach. The sands were pink and I...was in heaven.

This is of me after I recouped from the mile. My face has some color back in it after about up-chucking after running the mile. The mile is not for me.

Some friends we met at the Bacardi House. They have been coming to Bermuda for years to race.

Sinking my tootsies in the sand. Heaven...

Feeling the island vibe...

Below is captured the Dockyards from the ferry. We went shopping here and purchased some hand fired plates, some rum cakes that were 100% made on the island with rum that is made from the island as well...so far...the chocolate is my favorite. I also picked up some perfume that is also only made on the island. Scrumptious...
Thursday night, we were invited to the Bacardi House. I didn't realize this, but Bacardi is headquartered in Bermuda. They offered a full open bar and dinner. Whew...good thing we had a whole next day to recoup before the mile. It was good times had by all! Way good times.

This was taken from our hotel room. Every room has a view of the water, either be it the ocean or the bay. Not only did we have a room with a view, we also had a walk in closet and a chandelier in the elevator. Very posh, darling.

After the 10K, Doug and I headed out to North Rock Brewery. It's the only pub in Bermuda that makes its own brew. Doug and I were very pleased, if you can't tell by the cheesy smile...

The next two pictures are of some man made caves...


No need to say more.


  1. Okay, that does it....next year baby!! 2011, this is on my TO DO LIST.

    So glad you and Doug had a great time...xoxoxo

  2. I was at Horseshoe Bay when I was there over the summer. I'm not a huge beach person in general, but it really was beautiful.

    Love that dress!

  3. Ahhh, Bermuda. I have never been there, but would love to go someday. Looks like you had a fantastic trip!

  4. Lets see sun and surf or snow and sleet????? You win...

  5. ah ditto. i'm doing these races next year!! beautiful pics!

  6. WOW that looks beautiful! And it looks a lot better than here since we got like 4 inches of snow this morning : (

  7. seriously cool...uh miami isn't going to seem like much after that!

  8. these pictures are SO Pretty. UGHHH I need a vacation!!! :)

  9. beautiful pictures! I'd love to do a race there some day!