2010...Ready or Not...Here I Come

Lately...I have been pondering my goals for 2010. After running 12 marathons in 2009, a lot of the goals I have been thinking about just don't seem 'big' enough. I've felt I needed a butt load of events to make the year successful. But...

After talking with my coach, he convinced me I don't need to jump from one event to the next all year long. How about making a goal to train for my events. Oh...well that is an idea.

So...I'm going to train this year. Something I didn't do in 2009.

For my January Marathons (Bermuda and Miami)...I plan on just surviving through...like last year. Then the training kicks in...actually working on my running. What that means exactly...I don't know. I do know I would like to start improving my marathon time. After 2009, that should be pretty easy.

Then there is the 100 mile bike ride...Hotter 'N Hell 100. What better reason to cross-train. And it will give me a fresh new goal to wrap my mind and body around. This weekend, I had Doug put Osana on the trainer for me. We're going to be spending a lot of time together this year. Might as well get aquainted sooner than later.

Running and Biking will be the focus this year. And more importantly, training.

Happy New Year!

May all your goals make you happy and healthy.


  1. Good plan Kim, I'm with you....running & biking...let's keep each other on track!

  2. That is a great plan! Good luck with the training!
    Thanks for your kind offer to stay with you...I may just take you up on that! : ) If you and Doug run St. George or Mesquite you are welcome to stay with us as well! Happy new year Kim!

  3. Training for an event? That will never stick...Ha, good luck in 2010.

  4. piece o' cake! i'm ghastly afraid of running a marathon without a 'standard training plan' in the bank. not sure why... the first 3-4 i ran i did with inadequate training. perhaps my brain remembers the pain ;) anyway, i'd like to get build my fitness (and maintain it) to where i can "jump in" a marathon the same way we can just "hop in" a half (or shorter) now. if only i was better at enforcing 20 milers...

    here's to solid training in 2010 and big pr's! no shame in huge pr's - they will still be quite "big enough"!!

  5. I'm also considering a BIGGER goal than a marathon, something challenging, hence for 2010 I'll be running my very first ultra marathon race, perhaps a 50k in April, "The Labor of Love 50k."

  6. We should team up :)

  7. Good luck to you in your racing and training!

  8. I agree friend...training is a whole new thing for you in 2010 after the craziness of last year. Can't wait to see you guys. Hope Bermuda is SUPER