Start with 20 and Take Off the 0

I packed up Osana and we headed out for a 20 mile bike today. It's a beautiful day and Doug and I plan on biking in a ride a couple weeks from now so I thought I would get some butt, I mean bike time in.

I get Osana out and she obviously must have had other plans today because she first dropped her chain. Now I have very little knowledge of bikes and I'm not a good rider either, but I knew I could get my chain back on. And that I did without a blink of an eye.

Okay, helmet, phone, key, shoes...I think we're good to go. The weather is perfect for a bike ride, most importantly, for me at this point, there was hardly any wind. Yes, I'm a wimpy biker who feels like she's starting from scratch.

We take off and we're doing good.
Until mile 2.
Me...What is going on? It's not windy, no trucks just drove by. I'm feeling good.
Me...Oh crap. I think I may have a flat. Get off Osana before I come crashing to the ground.
And yes, the winchbag did have a flat. She must be PMSing.

Did I have a tube? Fix it? A Co2 cartridge?
I know. I know. STUPID. I know. Especially since this is the same spot I've had 2 flat tires before. Oh well. At least I'm only 2 miles out, right. I can walk back. In my bike shoes...clank...clank...clank. And that I did for about 100 feet. Then it was just too much so I took my shoes off and walked in my stocking feet. Thank God the shoulder was pretty clean, a dead skunk here and something dead there, but for the most part I was good.

In the end I had 5 cars stop and ask if they could take me to where I needed to go. I also had 2 bikers stop and ask if I needed anything. Everyone was so kind, I really appreciated it. But my punishment to myself for not having the needed supplies to fix my tire, let alone, the know how of how to change my tire pissed me off enough and I was going to make myself walk back. And that I did. And heck, it was beautiful outside, why not?

I even had one older gentleman in a truck pull over. It went something like this:
Man: Need a ride?
Me: Nope I'm good. Thank you though.
Man: I know I'm a stranger and everything but I can take you.
Me: Really, it's only less than a half a mile now, I'm okay.
Man: Do you want me to call the police so they can help you?
Me: Nope. I have a cell phone. I could call someone if I needed, thank you again.
Man: *Sigh* Okay

As I was driving back into town, I passed a police van. I know that man called the police to come assist me. How funny is that? I really would have had no problems getting in with any of the people that pulled over to assist me, I just felt it was my own damn fault and this is what I get. If I would have been any further out, I probably would have taken one of them up on their offer.

All I can say is that Best Friends Day tomorrow (a day Karen and I have every year to celebrate our friendship) is going to be heaven when we get our pedicures. These tootsies are in dire need of some help, especially now.

Tonight...Doug is teaching me how to fix a flat.


  1. Kim thanks so much for stopping by! Number one I WISH I had a dog as great as yours! (Living in a studio apt in NYC allows for no such thing!) Also, about the whole concrete thing: That's ALL I run on! I live in the concrete jungle after all. And if the weather is completely yucky, I run on a treadmill...eek I know I know! I rested a week and a half after my half. How much should I rest? I feel like I'm sore because I lost that time after the half and just started up building distance again.

  2. Oy... I had a flat during the ironman and had the wrong size tube with me! It was sort of mortifying...

  3. Abby-The same thing happened to me at my HIM. I sat on the side of the road for at least 45 minutes pretending to change my tire (not having a clue) and waving everyone on telling them I was okay. Until I finally gave up and received some help from someone.
    You would think that learning how to change a tire would have been first on my list of things to do after that. Well...how soon we forget!

  4. I probably wouldn't have gotten in the car, but it's super nice to know that people are willing to help right?! I am horrible about being prepared I probably would have been 10 miles from home, no phone or anything..oops.

    let me know if you are in town this weekend, we could walk or something monday? Unless of course you have like marathon number 8 million

  5. That's nice that people would even offer to help, but still. I def would not have gotten into a car w/ a stranger either!