Life is Good!

Covered 30 miles on Osana today.
But first it was a 3 mile run.
Then a 3 mile walk.
Have an organized ride this weekend.
Thought I would cover the 36 mile distance.
But now thinking I may try the 52 miler.
Why not?!

Having this spring and summer free ROCKS! I'm loving every second of it. It's even better than it was as a kid.

Good Luck to all of you running RNR San Diego this weekend, especially the 1st timers! Have a great time and enjoy every minute. I can't wait to hear all the great stories.

And to all the girlie girl Gilmore Girls fans, they are coming back in June. Whoo Hoo! I so love Lorelai.


  1. you are so active - run bike walk... i struggle to enforce the minimum run-mileage for the day! go for the 52-miler!

    you stink for getting a summer break :) so not fair.

  2. Wait, what's this about Gilmore Girls coming back in June?

  3. Abby-I thought of you when I posted about this! It's going to be on the ABC Family Channel and starts early June. I want to say the 7th, but not sure of the exact date.

  4. I want the spring/summer free, but with employment guaranteed! ENJOY

  5. I'll be working 12-hour days as a cab driver during the hot summer months...I'll undoubtedly return to the treadmill for my usual base building season. You're so very lucky to be free during summer break...make the most of it!!!

  6. what? what? what? about the Gilmore Girls! I love them. LOVE. Thus my nickname Lorelai. . .

  7. Gilmore Girls is coming back! Oh my! This is exciting news! Have fun riding this weekend!

  8. GILMORE GIRLS I KNOW! And I'm FROM CT and talk like them on a regular basis. My husband hates it. Makes me do it all the more! ;-)

    What do you do for a living?

  9. I'm with Ken, I need a summer of fun, but with $$$ behind it! LOL

  10. Yeah...but when I'm making MORE money having the summer off...it's ALL GOOD!