Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Today is the Royals Home Opener!
We've been attending the Home Opener for years now and there is nothing like the energy on Opening Day. LOVE IT!
Our stadium was built in 1973 and even before the new renovations, I think it was still one of the prettiest stadiums around. This year they have completed a quarter of a billion dollars in renovations and I'm so excited to get out and take it all in.
It's expected to be a little chilly, but we have our blankets packed and we're ready to snuggle.


  1. wohoo!! i'll be out there with David, so he can show me all the work they've done. Of course I plan to be snuggled inside some kind of Diamond Club or something

  2. I have been to a game in that stadium, and it is such a neat place. I love baseball season!

  3. Have fun! We went to the Phillies game on Tuesday (day after home opener), and even with the cold, the energy was pretty electric.

  4. Chilly??? It's baseball season. Some people are predicting the Royals to have a good season...

  5. Enjoy the game. Very cool that you always go to the home opener. Sounds like a great start to the weekend.

  6. YAY.. have fun and enjoy the game. I love me a good baseball game.