One Happy Drowned Rat

This morning I went on a 6 mile run.
It was dark.
And lightening. I told myself I've been good lately, I shouldn't get struck by lightening today.
And thundering. You could hear the thunder roar across the sky.
It was so refreshing.
I loved every minute of it.
I think I smiled the whole way.

Earlier in the week, our times were posted for the Frisco Fifty Marathon.
As most of you know, I received a very cool plaque for placing 2nd in my age group.
Well...come to find out, I was the ONLY one IN my age group.
How do I place 2nd to myself??? LOL!!!
I'm not one iota upset-it's just very humorous that I received an award at all, but especially silly when it's a 2nd place award and I was the only one in my age group running!
I'll still cherish it as I deserve it if no other 30-40 year old woman could get her arse up and run the marathon that day. Yay for me!


  1. ok seriously that is still the weirdest race story!!

    i can't believe you braved that icky weather...ligthening gets me

  2. That's so funny about your 2nd place. And I like your rationalization that you've been good lately so you probably won't get struck by lightening, lol!

  3. I love that you were "second" in your age group! Impressive! haha. And good job running in the rain and lightening! It is kind of a liberating feeling, isn't it!

  4. Last fall my teammates and I won our division in an adventure race - and we were the only team in that field. I think I would have been upset if they gave us second!

  5. You finished second in a one-person race? HA! Don't you love those runs when you're the only crazy out there?

  6. That gave me a giggle. :)

  7. typical richard johnson event story :)

    in december i placed third in my age group in a 10k of his, but the posted results at the race said 4th (a 10k person only ran 5k and therefore their time was pretty quick). i later found out i had a trophy waiting (they threw it in a box with some others and it got all scratched up).

    i wonder who they gave the first place plaque too?

    i hope they get it to you.

  8. that's nuts about the a/g award! oh well, first and second :) you are nuts for running in the lightning - glad you didn't get struck!

  9. Oh My GAWD Kim, you've absolutely made my day! That is HILARIOUS!!


  10. I couldn't find an email for you, but I'm debating doing TNT and am NERVOUS about the 4k fundraising commitment what are things that have worked in the past for you guys?

  11. Anonymous-Email me at kim.greer@yahoo.com. I'll be happy to give you some pointers.