We'll Cross that Bridge When We Get to It

After Molly's growling, grunting and jumping around at us tonight, we took the goofball for a walk. What a beautiful night to do so. Sunny. Blue skies. Cool weather. Leaves changing. A perfect fall evening. So...we took a gander down the trails to see what sort of progress has been made. Every morning when I leave, they are working away. They have done a lot of drainage work along with other things, but I am most excited about the bridges (it's the most obvious progress made). They have installed 3. One is massive (the 2nd picture below).

Guess Who?

Not sure if they are going to get the asphalt poured before colder temperatures come to town. It would be nice so we wouldn't have to continue running on gravel throughout winter.


  1. How can you get goofball and gander into a post? Sandy is the only other person I've heard use 'goofball'... We never go for walks, we just run...

  2. Ha! Goofball and gander...two great words. You and Sandy need to slow down every once in a while. It's easier to smell the flowers that way.