I Will Survive...I Did Survive...Hey...Hey...

Another marathon down. Number 15.
Karen and I had a great time. Or shall I say IIIIII had a great time. Karen did too but had bouts off and on. I tried to keep her in good spirits with hand puppets and singing. It's fun to witness the emotion one goes through being a 1st time marathoner. Brings back a ton of memories from my first. The I can do it...the awe man this is fun...the awe man...this is getting tough...is it over yet?...okay, I'm over this...okay, almost there...okay I can do this...I AM doing this. I DID IT!
So So fun.
Tough course but absolutely beautiful.
Lots of memories. Lots to talk about. Will do so in a race report soon. Still have some time to play before we head back to KC.

Thanks for all your words of encourgement and good lucks. You guys are the best!


  1. Way to go Karen!!

    Way to go Kim!!


  2. con-freakin-grats! I only hope to accomplish what you have! amazing!!!

  3. 15 marathons!!!!! You are amazing! Way to go, I can't wait to read your race report. Have a safe trip back!

  4. Congrats! That is way too awesome!!!!
    Looking forward to the race report.