Heavy Breathing and Lots of Sweating

TMI? No...I do have some sense of privacy.

Last night instead of going for a run for our anniversary, Doug and I decided to do a 3 mile skip holding hands the whole way.

Coach Ken...sick yet?

Okay. Not really. We did get in our 3 mile run. That's where the heavy breathing and sweating comes in. We averaged a pretty good clip for me and had a nice run. Then we took Mols for a walk. She's so pathetic when she doesn't get to come with.

Afterwards we meandered to the wine store to see if they had anything new. Oh boy do they ever. We bought a kit to make some wine-Kiwi Pear-and then as we were walking out saw a limited edition of chocolate raspberry dessert wine. I soooo want that! I'm sure we'll be returning sometime this weekend to pick that up!

Then it was off to gorge ourselves on Greek food and pastries. Yummm...Yummm...

As we waddled into the house we poured ourselves some wine before we settled in for the evening.

Pretty perfect evening. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Okay...except still feeling stuffed this morning when I woke up!

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  1. Ha, I expected that title to have tons of post! Sure it was just a run, wink, wink....