Death and His Babe

In his running shoes...
Death's Babe...
I forgot to moisturize this morning!
We trick or treated the neighbors and scared several gaggles of kiddos. It's been a fun evening chatting with neighbors and seeing all the costumes. We actually exchanged some unconventional 'treats' with the neighbors. We brought them wine and we received pumpkin pie in return. Mmm...I love Halloween. And what a perfect evening it has been.

Now it's about time to turn off the strobe light and head for bed so I can get up for an early morning run to get back home to take off for Springfield. Thinking maybe 6 miles tomorrow and definitely 13.1 Sunday.

I LOVE Pop Rocks! I forgot how funny they feel in your mouth while they pop and crackle. I may take a few packets with me on Sunday to kick my rear in gear.


  1. love the costumes! Halloween is so much fun :)

  2. OMG, too funny!!!

    at least you could recognize Doug by his kicks...what did Mols go as???

  3. I like pop rocks too and the costumes! Sounds like a great time. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Is that your real robe and slippers? OMG.....