That's how many miles I've run thus far this year.
600. Six hundred. Six zero zero.
Wow. That's a lot for me.
That's a long way!

Ran 5 miles this morning. I'm sounding like a broken record as of late but what a beautiful morning to run. It was a bit windy and I hit several hills I normally don't hit on my normal route which made it a bit more challenging but still averaged an 11:36 for my 5 miles. Not too shabby for me running back to back days.

I've been having a bit of a challenge with myself. I have always been bad about pacing myself properly. I tend to have two speeds. One is slow running. The other is walking. Lately, it has been a bit faster running. In the 9's when I'm running. I'm killing myself but can't seem to reign it in unless I stop to walk.

The other day Doug and I were running. I'm like, "we have to slow down, you're going too fast for me". He laughed at me. He then told me I was the one setting the pace. He was actually running behind me! So I guess I'll keep up at my faster pace for as long as I can and then try to slow down a bit when I need and walk when I have to. I guess as long as I keep pushing my faster speed further I'll be doing myself some good. Unless I give myself a heart attack.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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