A WICKED Weekend in Chicago

Girls Weekend in Chicago was FANTASTIC!

Great friends.
Great theater.
Great food.
Great drinks.
Great shopping.

Just a quick snapshot of the weekend...
Our first stop was O'Toole's for Bloody Mary's

Then we headed to the Hershey's factory and then to Ghiredelli's Chocolates for sundaes.
Then up up in the sky...

Martinis at the Signature Lounge
96th Floor of the John Hancock Building Overlooking the City
We cycled through 3 waitresses

The view as we watched night roll in...

Then it was Portillo's for a Chicago Dog

Relish. Onions. Pickles. Peppers. Tomatoes. The Best!

Across from Portillo's was Hard Rock Cafe and the biggest Mickey D's I have ever seen. We also ate at Gino's East. This was the next day though!

Awesome Chicago Style Pizza. Mmm...

So much so there was a line around the building. It was an hour wait to get in and then another 45 minutes for your pizza to be made. However, we didn't have to wait 5 minutes to get seated with our priority card! We were rock stars.

We totally ate our way through Chicago. Good thing there were no calories!

We did take a break from the food Saturday night to head to the Oriental Theater to see Wicked. Well...kinda. I did have to stop next door at Garrett's for their world famous popcorn. Again, another huge line. Everyone was waiting for the carmel to be made. Me. I wanted carmel and macadamia nut so I got to cut through the mega line and head straight in to purchase my popcorn. Then it was time to head into the theater. Everything about the evening was fabulous. The theater was the most ornate, beautiful theater I have ever seen. We also had rock star seats. And of course, the musical was spectacular.

Sunday morning we got up for a run. We ran down Lakeshore Drive. There were a lot of people out on such a beautiful morning. They were having a 20 mile training run for the Chicago Marathon. We opted out for the 20 miler as we had lunch to get to!

What a weekend. Even the weather was perfect. I really could not have asked for anything more.

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  1. WOW, sounds like a SPECTACULAR weekend!

    Yikes, that was a lot of food, but I know you'd been starving yourself the week prior!! LOL....