Flatrocks Here We Come

We head out tomorrow for my first 50K. MY VERY FIRST ULTRA. And not 'just' a 50K but a TRAIL 50K. The nerves are starting to show.

So to help ease the nerves I'm keeping myself busy with:
  • Cleaning
  • Packing
  • Homework
  • Sippin some coffee
  • Taking Mols for yet another walk

All before 9:30 am! What am I going to do the rest of the day?!

It's interesting. I haven't felt nervous about running in quite some time. It's exciting to do something I haven't done before and there is the certainty of the unknown. I believe I can do this 50K but honestly know I don't have it 'in the bag' like I know I do most marathons. I think it's healthy to push myself and not continue to do the same 'ol same 'ol. It's fun to do something out of the norm and attempt something beyond my normal limits.

I remember all the butterflies, racing thoughts, nervousness along with the uncertainty I had with running my first Half Marathon, then my first Marathon and then my first Half Ironman. I wonder if I'll get them with this race? I haven't had that feeling in quite some time.

I know it's just a few extra miles more than a marathon. But a few extra miles is just that. A.Few.Extra.Miles! And...it's on trails. Trails can pose many more obstacles than regular road running. Falling. Spraning an ankle. Falling off a cliff. Bug bites-right honey. Just to name a few. I've never been longer than 10 miles at one time on the trails (mind you it was Psycho Wyco) but this is supposed to be a pretty tough course as well. The concentration one must maintain is enough to wear anyone out.

We will see what Saturday brings. I know of a couple things it will bring already. That would be a great time with Doug. My first attempt at a 50K. And a day I will probably not forget for quite some time. I'm getting more excited (and a little anxious) as the time draws near.

Last night, Doug and I ran and then took Mols for a walk. Her 2nd of the day. We'll run again tonight and then rest up tomorrow.

To all those racing this weekend-have a great time!


  1. Oh you guys will be GREAT! Have fun, take your camera and make some memories!!

    Now, can you come and clean my place before you go??? Just asking...LOL...

  2. Kim - Doug

    Hope you guys have a great time. Good luck in your first Ultra. Gotta love those trails!!

  3. Fun, fun and more fun....Oh yeah, don't get lost! Oh my, did I say that? Ha, you do great.

  4. Hey, best wishes on your first 50K! Can't wait to read about it. I've never done one, but am thinking about it.

  5. Thanks guys! It's great to have such great support! I'll think of you all when I'm dragging my butt in.