Could It Be...

I actually completed my 3 miles tonight?
It could! Instead of running though, Doug and I decided to take Molly with us. The poor thing hasn't been out on a walk in quite some time. We hated to neglect her of yet another day without a walk so we walked our 3 miles tonight. Just getting out helped a ton-as I knew it would. Glad I finally got out and did something. It felt great.

Another great night?
It could! A walk, a great dinner, cool weather, and baking brownies and cookies. Mmm...

2009 is the year for Rim to Rim to Rim?
It could! And I am so so so so so so so so excited! Rim to Rim to Rim? The Grand Canyon. Start at the South side of the Grand Canyon. Hike down. Hike up the North side of the Grand Canyon. Turn around. Hike down. Hike up the South Side of the Grand Canyon. Could it get any better??? Doug and I have talked about doing this over the past several years as something we want to do but have never gotten around to logistically planning it. Someone on the Trail Nerd's website brought it up and I hope there is enough interest that it'll be a go cuz we are SO in! I think it's around 43 miles round trip. So if things fall into place, the next step is deciding spring or fall 09. Then getting in some 50K's and 50 milers. 50 milers? 50 milers. Yikes! Especially from someone who hasn't even completed her 1st ultra-Yet!

This girl is back on track and trekking forward.


  1. oh, details PLEASE....


  2. Laurel-As of yet there are none. I've compiled a list of names that are interested. Our next step is to decide when-spring or fall. And then I guess we'll start from there.

    Interested??? How fun would THAT be?? I can update you as I get more info.