The month of April ran me over like a Mack Truck. With my mom being in the hospital and us having to put down Game Plan-it was difficult. I only got in 40ish running miles in April but did enjoy several fun races. It'll be nice to head out of town for a bit to recoup and relax. Running marathons doesn't get me worked up like it has in the past. I used to get nervous and on edge but don't anymore. I know I can finish and I'm out there to have a good time and enjoy every minute.

May is going to be a busy with heading out of town three different times to three beautiful places. I'm really looking forward to it- but am pondering what my mileage will look like for May. With a race here and a race there-here a race-there a race-everywhere a race race...it'll be interesting to see if I get in all of my weekday runs or if my body will need to refuel and rest for the next one coming up. I don't have anything set in stone and we'll play it out week by week.

The forecast for Ft. Collins is looking up. I think they have taken the rain out of the forecast! Whoo Hoo! However, today they are calling for snow and wind gusts up to 80 mph! YIKES! Steff might REALLY blow away-no kidding! Sunday for the race looks good-a high around 67 I think...great running weather.

Here's to May flowers!


  1. Here is to May flowers for sure!!

    Couldn't believe the snow from your previous post....oh my!!

    That's a lot of running you do, look after yourself and yes refuel...

    Good luck over the weekend!!

  2. Wasn't that crazy?

    Thanks Lily for all your kind words-you're a doll!

  3. Good luck this weekend in Ft. Collins! Will miss you and Doug on Saturday morning. Please make sure Stephanie is weighted down. I would hate to lose her to the wind. Have fun and enjoy the gorgeous scenery! Can't wait to hear al about it when you get home.