Happy Trails

Whooo Hooo! Doug and I took Mols for a walk last night into some uncharted territory. Recently some land around our house has been bulldozed and Doug was hoping they were going to put in a trail . We found out last night that is exactly what they are doing!

From our house we head down the street just a bit, then North into a stretch of land where a lot of deer like to hang out, it goes under Santa Fe, behind the new Walmart they are building, along the back side of Ernie Miller Park (which you can access their trails from this trail!!) and the trail loops up into the ballpark. We are SOOO excited. We didn't travel the full trail last night because of the mud, but we were able to get two miles in. I think with the completed trail, we'll surely get a new 3 mile loop-if not farther! Plus with the Ernie Miller Park trails-we'll have all sorts of options!

It looks like they are also going to extend South too! Perfect!

For now, if it doesn't rain before I get home tonight, I would like to put my trail running shoes on and hit it before it gets paved. My trail shoes miss me dearly.

I'm so happy for new trails! Happy Trails Until We Meet Again...

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  1. Sounds as though it will be a great trail for you!

    Glad you were able to get out and get your trail shoes "dirty" again...I love the feeling of peacefulness on a trail...