Livin' on a Prayer

That's just what I did last night. However, not the Livin' on a Prayer with Bon Jovi I had planned. This was Livin' on a Prayer at the hospital. Mom ended up in the hospital yesterday so we've been been here since yesterday morning.

I woke up this morning and I HAD to get in a run. It wasn't me wanting to run. It was my body screaming and pleading for it. After sitting at the hospital all morning, day, evening and late into the night-I would have been happy sleeping in for a bit before heading back to the hospital but my body wanted a release and I let it do just that. I went for a 3 miler and I'm so glad I did. It felt good. When I headed out, it was even starting to rain, but I didn't care-I knew what I had to do to make it through the day.

Hopefully we'll get out of here soon but we're not seeing the end just yet. The end of the hospital stay that is...

May you and yours be healthy.

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  1. Kim,
    I totally understand the having to run part. I have done the same thing when my brother was hanging in the balance. It's good for you and clears your head. Your family is in my prayers... I'll be on the horn shortly!