Goodbye Fast Dog

This afternoon we had to put Game Plan down. He was diagnosed with bone cancer the beginning of March and the vet told us then that we probably wouldn't have two weeks. Luckily, we were able to spend almost two very special months with him longer then what we expected.

Game Plan was my Fast Dog. We would play a game where he would zoom around the backyard and I would holler out "Fast Dog" as he bolted to and fro. He loved it. Even today, as I was able to work from home and be with him all day, he tried his hardest to be Fast Dog as he 'raced' to catch two squirrels on his three lanky legs. He had a good day. We started off with some cheese and then brown gravy with his food, he was able to lay outside all day in the nice, warm, sunny weather and was loved on.
One of my favorite stories about Game Plan is of when we had some friends over for Doug's birthday. After the party, Michelle called cracking up. She went on to tell us that her daughter was soooo exited when she left and exclaimed, "they have the cooooolest house mom. They live in a castle* and have a deer that eats dog food!"
He certainly was dear. As Doug said, he was a gentle soul. He will be missed. As I look at his pillow where he should be and isn't, I cry. Goodbye Fast Dog...I love you and miss you.
*We do not live in a castle or anything near it. We do however have a house that has a very steep roof, that maybe in a little girl's eyes she did see a castle and deer that eats dog food.
AND...on a weird side note, as the tears flowed today, I looked down and could see them 'bouncing' off my shirt. I had a dri-fit shirt on and the tears were not soaking into the shirt, these tears were hitting and flying off. Interesting, I thought...good wicking material.


  1. Oh Kim, I am so sorry for you and the rest of the family, Game Plan was truly blessed to live in a "castle" with a wonderful family...

    My tears are flowing just knowing how much he was loved and he knew it too.

    I absolutley love all animals and hopefully your heartache will lessen each day.

    He was lucky to have a "mom" like you and that you gave him so much love in his final hours....

    Take care of yourself and it is so nice to have the wonderful memories.

  2. Sorry about Game Plan, I've been there before.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. It sounds as though he was a very lucky, loved member of the family. I love the image of him racing around the yard with you yelling "fast dog" I have a Great Dane and I do the same thing except I yell "big dog" as he tears by. Take care of yourself and remember the wonderful times.

  4. :( I'm sorry to hear about Game Plan. He was lucky to be in your family and will always have a place in your heart.

  5. Kim,
    Doug told me the news last night and I just want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. He had such a good life with you and Doug and will live on in your hearts forever. When this time of morning passes, you will be able to remember him with a smile on your face.

    I am here for you girlfriend:)