Who Needs Toenails Anyway?

I saw this saying almost 3 years ago as I was running my first marathon. It was painted in black on a king size flat sheet hanging from a 4th story window. It made me crack up. And think...Ewww...people really lose their toenails? Then Doug piped up to tell me they can also get black. Double Ewww...

So, as I've said, it's been almost 3 years since I ran my first marathon. October 9th, 2005 as a matter of fact. I've never had a black toenail. I can say I have had 1 or 2 bruised toenails, but never black. And heaven forbid, never had a toenail fall off. EVER. Not even close.

Until tonight. It's still hanging on. By a thread. It's like a little kid losing her first tooth and it's just dangling. Breathe on it and it'll pop right off. Yep. This is what this little baby is doing. Hanging on. Barely.

So, what is a girl to do?
Let it hang on hoping and praying it'll somehow re-attach itself?
Rip it off myself?
Let it fall off on its own?
Wait for it to catch on something and have it rip off?
Make Doug gnaw it off?

None really sound all that fun and exciting to me except the re-attaching one.

I do have to say, if having my ten toenails is my main concern right now, I'm a pretty lucky and very blessed girl. And I know that and appreciate it deep into my soul and do not take it for granted.

May you all be healthy and happy. And possess all of your toenails...well...that's optional. I'm pretty certain you can be healthy and happy without a toenail. Or without a couple for that matter. Cuz...Who Needs Toenails Anyway?

Now it's off to relax for the night and see what Palin has to say.

Sweet Dreams.


  1. Oh, gawd, I'm sitting here with my feet curled up! Let it come off on its own...that way you're not tearing skin cells!


  2. Rip it off!!! And then you can learn how to paint your toes with nailpolish so it looks like you still have a toenail. Trust me.. very useful skill to have!

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